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Deanship of Student Affairs

Dr. Oda Arfoa
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The four or five years that students spend in university studies are the most beautiful years of their life, because they represent a big leap to their future and professional life, gives true view of what society and the outside world around them is like, and enable them to see life in all its dimensions; therefore one of the most important goals in our Division of Deanship of Student Affairs at TTU is to create a learning environment that prepares students to engage actively in a world that is dynamic, challenging, and globally interconnect as well as achieving excellence in social services, religious guidance and student activities, upholding the commitment to providing a suitable environment for students, Paying attention to students' issues and find effective solutions, being transparent and responsible for the provision of services, guidance and student activities (particularly Initiatives and sports teams of students).

To achieve these goals, Student Affairs at Tafila Technical University have already aligned its programs, policies, practices and services to foster and support students' holistic development, their leadership potential, interpersonal awareness and critical thinking skills; national identity and global citizenship; career preparedness; health and wellness; and readiness for life-long learning through different kind of departments. Therefore, the deanship of student affair invites all students to participate actively in the various programs, and the various student groups, and clubs that are sponsored and supervised by the Deanship.

finally, we should remind you, our students, of the great responsibilities entrusted to you as students of the University; Tafila Technical University is waiting for you to return the favor and we ask you to give back to this precious country.


Dr.Albara Alrawashedh


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