Students Affairs

Students Affairs

About the Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs is home to TTU students and plays a key role in the achievement and implementation of the University's mission and educational philosophy in which the student is the main focus of the educational process. That is why the deanship is mainly concerned with refining the student’s character psychologically, socially and physically through extracurricular activities carried out in cooperation with TTU Students Union, student clubs, all initiatives and volunteer campaigns carried out by student volunteers. The deanship also seeks to provide the university students with all services required. To attain this goal, the deanship works as a connecting point between the students and various TTU departments on the one hand, and local community institutions on the other hand.

This distinctive role of the deanship makes it have a greater impressive role in university life, especially among students.  It is worth-mentioning that TTU hosts Sports Federation of Jordanian Universities that consists of sixteen public and private Jordanian universities. In this respect, the deanship seeks to achieve its mission through the implementation of a number of carefully deliberated plans and programs through the five main divisions of the Deanship of Student Affairs:

  • Student Commissions and Activities Department
  • Sports Activities Department
  •  Accommodation Department
  • Student Services Department
  •  Vocational Rehabilitation Department



       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326

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