Internal Inspection and Auditing Department

Internal Inspection and Auditing Department


The department was founded in 2006 and is currently connected with the university president. Its administrative staff is highly-qualified, experienced, and specialized in the fields of legal, financial, and administrative control and oversight. This department undertakes several tasks and duties; and it helps all the university colleges, deanships and departments to achieve their goals. This department assumes its tasks in accordance with the law and regulations of the Jordanian universities. The Internal Inspection Department scrutinizes all the documents, records, registers and papers and performs the necessary audition of the accounts to implement its tasks duly. The auditing and scrutiny processes are conducted in the headquarters of the areas where these accounts, records, documents and any other material under control are available. The auditing can be implemented in the headquarter of the Internal Inspection and Auditing Department; all university officials and employees should show commitment and cooperation with the department by providing it with all necessary information, documents and records to be at its disposal. 



       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326

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