The University Clinic

The University Clinic


The clinic was established to assume the following tasks:

  • Providing health and medication services through examining and treating students, employees and their families.
  • Providing the necessary drugs and medical supplies by organizing an annual tender through The Central Tenders Committee.
  • Examining and treating the emergent cases of the female students in dorms located inside and outside campus.
  • Preparing medical records for university students, the administrative staff as well as the faculty members.
  • Providing the necessary first aid for dorms, restaurants, carpentry and workshops.
  • Conducting the necessary laboratory tests in the clinic laboratories.
  • Providing dentistry services.
  • Providing nursing services.
  • Participating in the health insurance and the university medical committees.
  • Providing medical consultations to the university administration if required.
  • Inspecting the restaurants, cafeterias, and all other places where food is served.

       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326

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