"The Scourge of drugs and ways to fight it": A lecture at Tafila Technical University

"The Scourge of drugs and ways to fight it": A lecture at Tafila Technical University

18 February 2018

Hala Al-Shahdeh - 11/2/2018


The Department of Public Relations and Information at Tafila Technical University organized a lecture on "The scourge of drugs and ways to fight it" under the patronage of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Mahasneh. The lecturer, Captain Mohammed Al-Da'ja, head of the Tafila Drug Control Department, explained that the purpose of the lecture was to raise the awareness of the academic and administrative staff about the damage of this disaster and how to fight it.

Al-Da'ja further explained the concept of drugs with its chemical composition, which works to destroy the cells of the nervous system and all the cells of the body, in addition to the effects on the abusers' body and the various diseases resulting from them, such as AIDS and leukemia and Hepatitis, stressing that this disease kills people and threaten the internal security of countries.

 Ignorance, bad  companions, weakness of religious motive, dysfunctional  families, are, according to Al-Da'ja, the major reasons for drug abusing and the spread of drugs among different segments of society.  Al-Da'ja also pointed to the importance of the role of awareness to combat the spread of drugs in that the effects of drugs affect not only the person who abuses them but also extends to the family. He eventually called on the attendees to the need to combat this scourge and to raise awareness of its harm and how to confront it among colleagues and their families. He reviewed the active role played by the Department of Drug Control in combating this dangerous phenomenon.

 Dr. Mahasneh thanked the Department of Drug Control and pointed out to the importance of holding such lectures, stressing on the continuous cooperation between the University and the Department of Drug Control.

  At the end of the lecture, Al-Da'ja answered the questions of the audience.




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