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Tafila the genuineness, modernity

  Tafila Hashemite governorate is characterised by a set of advantages, some of which are unique among the rest of sister governorates of our beloved country, and these advantages are as follows:

  • Tafila governorate is one of the first Jordanian governorates that embraced the Great Arab Revolt, wherein its sons did their utmost along with their lives to defend this purified country, especially as it was honoured that the Hashemites called it "the Hashemite Tafila"  for  the heroic deeds done by its sons.
  • Tafila embraces the shrines of the prophet’s companions; such as Harith bin Amir Alazadi, Farwah Bin Amr Aljuthami, and Jaber Bin Abdallah Alansari, which are are located in  Bsayra, Afra and Baqia respectively . In addition to  Jaafar Atayaar tree in Qadisiyah, there are many sites, churches and tombs that belong to different religions that inhabited the region such as the Ruins of Christianity and the mosaicked church in Rashadiyah.
  • The topography of the governorate consists of mountain ranges whose heights range from 1200 meters in the eastern region to 1,600 meters in Qadisiyah and Garndal; these mountain ranges are interspersed  with deep valleys, which give them a beauty feature  and versatile climate.
  • The governorate maintains a variety of raw materials such as calcium carbonate, white cement and material gypsum, whose reserves are estimated at about four million tons. There is also basalt in Al-Jahayar Mount  and Attaatth, which is used in rock wool industry. Moreover, there are about 800 million tons of oil rock, in addition to altrioli ores used in several  industries, including clothes, paints, fire bricks, and precious stones that are used in several industries and estimated at about 500 thousand tons in Dana.
  • Tafila is a magnet for tourists, as they come to it from all parts of the world to enjoy its picturesque nature  and fresh air, especially as it embraces Dana Biosphere Reserve along with Afra and Al-Barbaytah spa baths, which contribute significantly to health tourism in Jordan. In addition to a large number of important archaeological sites, the two villages of Asilaa and Al-Muatin attract many tourists from all over the globe.
  • Tafila is characterized by the presence of a large number of PhD and MA holders, in addition to embracing many highly creative people and authors.
  • There are 13 cultural bodies established to activate the cultural movement and attention to cultural heritage.
  • The governorate embraces many periodic festivals: Bsayra Cultural Festival, Dana Cultural Festival, Al-Hisa Festival  for Samer, Taysayer Sboul Festival for Poetry,  and  Tafila Cultural Days. There are also many cultural events that contributed to the creation of an active cultural movement.
  • Tafila Technical University (TTU) is placed in the governorate. TTU is  the first scientific institution in the governorate, attracting its people  to the so-called "reverse migration".
  • Tafila was selected to be Jordan City of Culture in 2014 within the framework of Jordan Cities of Culture, a project launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2007. It would choose a city each year to be Jordan City of Culture in order to spread culture throughout the country  and focus projects and cultural activities throughout the whole year. This is the first project in the Arab region, as it seeks to ensure the equitable distribution of culture throughout the governorates of the Kingdom.
    • Selecting Tafila as City of Culture for 2014 is mainly intended for uncovering these various advantages and encouraging its sons to stop migration towards the capital city.