French Ambassador Visits TTU

French Ambassador Visits TTU

15 March 2017


Prof. Shtewi Al Abbadi discussed Academic Corporation with Mr. David Bertolotti, the French ambassador in Jordan. Prof. Al Abbadi offered a detailed explanation about the university colleges and majors, which are characterized by their technical aspects, pointing out the role of the university in the local community development.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed corporation between each other through academic exchange between the faculty as well as the students, offering scholarships, and supporting the scientific research. Mr. Bertolotti expressed his delight for the development the university witnesses, and he illustrated that this visit reveals the solid relationships between the two countries.

In the presence of Prof. Fawwaz Al Zboun, college deans, and Dr. Hasan Al Momani, the chairman of Languages Center, the ambassador met the faculty and students at Potash Theatre, and he expressed his interest in inviting the students to contribute in the cultural platform of the French Institute of Jordan.



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