International conference entitled “Literature, Language, and Translation” for the first time at TTU

International conference entitled “Literature, Language, and Translation” for the first time at TTU

11 May 2017


College of Arts organized on Monday, May 02, 2017 the first previewed conference entitled “Literature, Language, Translation and " under the patronage of Prof. Shtewi Al Abbadi and in the presence of the vice presidents. Several Arab and foreign countries participated in the conference including Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Macedonia, UK, Spain, Pakistan, and Jordan.

The conference is an implementation of the university mission which aims at spreading knowledge especially the parts related to the Arabic and Islamic cultures. Also, it encourages the scientific research and advanced technology usage.

Prof. Al Abbadi pointed to the importance of such conferences in terms of supporting communication between different civilizations. He added that translation has an impact on the civil and ideological development in addition to language development in which translation is described as the process of the reformation of a text based on a number of conditions.

Dr. Hussain Al Zaidaneen explained that conference is synchronized with the publishing of the 7th Royal Discussion Paper which focuses on the higher education.

Dr. Mahmoud Farhan delivered a speech on the behalf of the participants illustrating the importance of this conference which gathered three aspects; literature, language, and translation. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed from Macedonia, Dr. Nihal Yatken from Turkey, and Dr. Hamed Hamathani expressed their delight of visiting Jordan and participating in the conference.




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