Writing and Translation Unit organized a ceremony in TTU

Writing and Translation Unit organized a ceremony in TTU

08 August 2017

The Writing and Translation Unit - Faculty of Arts at Tafila Technical University organized a  closing ceremony for a series of scientific courses held by the Unit during two consecutive semesters, benefiting 60 under the patronage of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Fawaz Azboon.

 The scientific program included a series of courses and workshops for university students such as: grammar, common mistakes, writing a research in Arabic and English Language , communication skills and theatrical work.

 The Director of the Writing and Translation Unit, Dr. Mohammed Al-Mutarneh, delivered a speech in which he highlighted the objectives of the unit and its role in enhancing and improving the students skills to qualify them for the market as translators and editors, and providing translation service for texts ,sources and references to colleges, centers and administrative departments at the university.

 At the end of the ceremony held at the Potash Auditorium, the Vic- President  handed out the certificates for participants, in the presence of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Hussein Al Zaidani, a number of faculty members and students.


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