Regulations of Faculty Members Development Center

Regulations of Faculty Members Development Center


Issued by Deans Council as per Article 7 of Scientific Research System in the university.

  • Instructions

    Article  (1)

    These regulations are called  Regulations of Faculty Members Development Center in TTU, to be effective as of its ratification by the Deans Council

    Article  (2)






    The following words shall have the attached designated meanings unless indicated otherwise

    The University


    The President

    TTU President

    The Centers

    Regulations of Faculty Members Development Center

    The Council

    Center Council

    The Director

    Director of Center

    Article  (3)

    The center is administratively related to the president

    Article  (4)




    The center shall achieve the university goals through:

    1- Developing faculty expertise through enriching their knowledge and skills to improve their performance and achieve quality assurance 

    2- Contributing to providing necessary expertise to improve the electronic content of several courses offered in the university

    3- Evaluating faculty performance

    Article  (5)









    To achieve these goals, the center undertakes the following tasks

    1- Holding seminars and meetings to introduce faculty members to the university philosophy and its educational policies.

    2- Cooperating with related parties to conduct studies with view at improving methods of teaching.

    3- Conducting training courses for faculty members in planning, class management, evaluation methods, test design, and using the internet, computer and modern technologies in higher education

    4-  Conducting training courses for faculty members in methodology of teaching and its manners

    5- Conducting training courses on electronic teaching process management and electronic authorship. 

    6- Taking necessary procedures to evaluate faculty performance through students.

    7- Cooperation with local and regional agencies concerned with university education issues.

    8- Working with various faculties and IT center to implement online learning

    Article (6)











    The council has 11 members assigned by the president for two renewable years:


    - The president or the deputy / Head

    - Vice President – Member

    - Dean of the College of Education - Member

    - Dean of the College of Engineering – Member

    Center Director – Member

    - IT manager – Member

    Director of  the Community Partnership Center – Member 

    - Two associate professors representing scientific and humanity colleges

    An employee of the center as a member and repertoire

    Director of Education at Tafila Governorate

    Article  (7)








    The Center shall take the following responsibilities

    1- Designing the general policy and several strategies to achieve the center goals

    2- Discussing the budget draft and sending it to the president for ratification

    3- Studying and ratifying the plans and programs of the center

    4- Discussing and ratifying  the annual report

    5- Procuring internal and external financial sources for the center

    6- Studying proposals introduced to the center and adopting what is convenient.

    7- Reviewing any issues proposed by the director

    Article (8)

    The council of the center shall convene bi-yearly or when necessary based on an invitation from the director

    Article (9)





    A-The director is assigned by the president from within the faculty of education for two renewable years, to end when another director is assigned.

    B- The director shall undertake his responsibilities assigned in these regulations or by the president, including:

      1- Representing the center at other parties.

      2- Signing agreements

    3- Contacting internal and external related parties with view at achieving the goals of the center

    Article (10)







    The director is responsible for managing the center as per the rules and regulations of the university, including

    1- Regulating the work and management of the center

    2- Proposing work plans and following up on them after ratification by the council.

    3- Preparing the budget plan and introducing it to the council for ratification.

    4- Addressing the president to assign executors of programs and their wages

    5- Issuing bulletins about the activities of the center

    6- Any other tasks assigned by the president

    Article  (11)

    Faculty members and employees or people from the local community may be assigned to conduct studies, courses, workshops, lectures and seminars. Their wages are to be issued as per rule and regulations in the university.

    Article (12)

    The president and the director are in charge of applying these regulations

    Article (13)

    The Deans council shall decide regarding issues not mentioned herewith


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