Department of Geometry

Department of Geometry


The Department of Geometry was established in 2005 to perform the following tasks:

Providing geometric consultation and services to the university facilities.

Preparing geometric designs and studies for the university buildings.

Allocating financial resources from the university budget and other partners to implement construction work. 

Tendering and supervising construction work.

Since its establishment, the Department of Geometry contributed to the development of the university by designing, tendering and supervising construction projects of 80000 square meters. The department is staffed with professional and competent engineers, technicians, drawers, foremen and surveyors who prepare designs and supervise various projects.

The Department of Geometry is comprised of the following sections:

  • Civil section
  • Architectural section
  • Electrical section
  • Mechanical section

       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326

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