9th International Conference on Education:


July 04-06, 2017
Tafila Technical University (TTU), JORDAN
Bridgewater State University (BSU), USA
Organize the Ninth Educational Conference


★ The world witnesses many changes and challenges that affected political, economic, cultural, and social areas. Which lead to fundamental and radical questions oriented to Educational Systems. The most outstanding question is: What is the role of the educational institutions in encountering those challenges, since schools, colleges, and universities are not only a place of instruction, but their tasks also extended to include research centers, planning for future, and society service. Therefore, .it becomes necessary for those institutions to practice their roles to achieve all forms of development, and their relations should be consolidated with society in all directions through deepening the humanitarian aspects to help them with their entrusted functions for preparing society and individual. In fact, the nature of economic, social, political and cultural challenges that are imposed by circumstances of the world require the necessity of developing and reforming the educational systems. For that Tafila Technical University in (Jordan) and Bridgewater State University in (USA) tend to organize this conference.